Blindly – #nicotinelove

Day 13

I have been blinded, blinded by the smoke, blinded by the rush, blinded by the high. It has been a while now, so blinded I have been that I have lost track of time, and my hair have lost their shine.

To say it is difficult to leave bad habits is an understatement. They blind you. They mess with your head and your skin and your thoughts and you daily routine. They become your daily routine. So much time I have invested in these habits, so much time I have lost, I have gained some friends, some of these people have been nice but they are blinded too – some try too hard to fit in, others are just aloof, none of them are doing well in their lives. None of them. They are trying, I will give them that. But they could try harder, just a little bit more. But then I guess it is difficult to see properly once you have lost sight of the things that matter.

I have been off for many days now, 10+ days seem a lot, but the nicotine love hit back today and I gave in. See, that’s how blinded I am.

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